The English language is primary made up of twenty-six letters. With those twenty-six letters, we are able to say some of the most profound things. A letter is not, however, just a character used to communicate language. A letter can also be a written address sent to a loved one where we voice our dearest thoughts. 
Communication is basic human nature. We need to express ourselves to others. But it also needs to be genuine to really mean something. So, I do not give you the words, I give you letters from which you may form whatever words you choose. Put them to good use.
For “Letters” I wanted to share letters; Both in the form of post and in the form of characters. Each envelope is handmade, and the postage stamps are specially designed for this class. I designed the lowercase alphabet to be a friendly and open sans serif. Then I carved them from easy cut blocks and mass printed them using many colorful stamp pads. The paper I printed on was lightly tea stained to varying degrees. I wanted the letters to resemble the feeling of playing scrabble in the family room, or rearranging the magnetic letters on the fridge in the kitchen. There is something familiar about “Letters,” something like a memory of home. 
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